We are a group of friends searching for a way to publish and share our voices. Through our art in forms of reflective narratives, poems, music, word vomits, videos, pictures, or any way possible to tap into our lessons from the everyday trials and tribulations, our hope is to express it purposefully.


We work hard molding and solidifying the pieces of clay that cements our stories to help build each other up.


We all have something to share that is an expression of who we are, how we persevere, and why we journey on.


Join us in sharing and building a community of stories that we all can relate to. The more we share, the more we can each create a legacy for ourselves.




At OSYL, we want to provide a free opportunity for anyone to share their creative work (writing, music, photography, etc.).  It is about growing a community of artists.  We are all artists inside, and at OSYL, we want to nurture the artist in all of us.


We understand that being creative and creating your work of art takes a lot of time and hard work. And we know after all that is said and done, that is only half the effort! Sharing it with others is a whole other half, and sometimes we as creators, just do not have the energy left. That is where at OSYL, we can provide the free opportunity for you to publish your work on our site. We provide the platform, you publish on OSYL and then simply share your portfolio through our links.


At OSYL, our ultimate goal is to create a platform that builds a community of creators from all over the world. We provide creators with a shared space to freely publish their work, and find networking opportunities to grow and establish new creative partnerships. Subscribe and create a membership profile now, to stay connected with other artists or establish new collaboration opportunities.

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