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Tyler Pederson

Founding Publisher & Editor-in-Chief



Tyler Pederson is just a normal guy.  He is not any different than you in the fact that he is a person with a goal; to thrive in the moment and build a legacy for the future generations.  Coming from a community in which was riddled with gang activitiy and drug deals happening on the daily, there was always room for escape.  In order to escape, Tyler found solace in sports.  He'll often tell you that sports saved his life. There is a lost presence in today's society about sports helping out youth and Tyler has a passion on bringing this back to light.  He believes that making a positive impact on youth will help leave a lasting legacy for future generations.


Tyler holds a bachelor of science in Environmental Sciences with a focus in Geology. In his off time, he stays very active in fitness, playing sports and running half marathons.


With all these goals in mind, Tyler is in the process of pursuing his master's degree in Sports Management to achieve his ultimate dream; helping youth through sports.

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