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Steven Souriyadeth

Founding Publisher



Steven Souriyadeth has always been a storyteller amongst his friends and family, and anyone he is able to enjoy the luxury of having a conversation with. An aspiring writer, if not for the pursuit of a career in writing, it is a passion that Steven strives to succeed in for the sake of his own personal growth. A compassionate individual who believes that everyone has a story to share and can make a positive impact with, Steven stands firmly on the belief that it is never too late to make an opportunity for growth. 


Steven holds a bachelor's degree in Urban Studies and Sustainable Urban Development, with a certificate in Geographic Information Systems. Being a hobbyist in mechanical timepieces, Steven is also operates a page on the Instagram app, that showcases his timepieces captioned with his personal "food for thoughts" that he shares with his thousands of followers. 


Amongst his many goals, Steven is currently in the process of pursuing his master's degree in Urban Planning and Public Administration.

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