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Zvon Casanova

Director of Multimedia Content


Zvon Casanova is a Filipino-American videographer, photographer, musician, graphic designer, blogger, and aspiring educator. He is currently working at his alma mater, the University of Washington Tacoma, as a Student Engagement Program Assistant. Zvon grew up in the state of Washington where he resided in the suburbs and embraced the urban culture of Tacoma and Seattle.

While growing up, Zvon was known for his teenage angst and reckless behavior. However, after meeting inspiring figures from school and work, his life took a turn and started to revolve around optimism and overcoming adversity. He now resides with his own philosophical quote: “You can’t get stronger without going through a struggle” and that every individual has complete power and responsibility to make choices and changes in their own lives.


Most of Zvon’s work revolves around multimedia production and student affairs where he occasionally works the two fields coherently. He is well known for producing videos sharing both success stories within higher education and his own life philosophies. A variety of Zvon’s video content also include forms of entertainment where he often posts comical self-deprecating vlogs, original songs, and covers. His other multimedia work involves photographing events and portraits as well as designing promotional material for clients and organizations.


To this day, Zvon continues to pursue his passion of working in both higher education and the multimedia industry hoping to someday start his own multimedia services company and non-profit organization mentoring and supporting the lifestyles of younger generations.

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