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Where I'm From; Reboot

Where I’m From

Hey man, are you Hispanic? Because you look Hispanic.

Nah man, I’m not Hispanic.

Man, are you Blasian? Because you look like a mix of Black and Asian.

Nah, you’re kind of right, but I’m more than that.

Then what are you?!

I’m a human being…

Man, you know what I meant… like, what ARE you?

Oh sorry…. I’m a MALE human being…

Man, stop playin’ around, I meant where are you from?


You’re asking where I’m from? Well, let me tell you.

I am from the womb of a beautiful woman.

I am from the land of the rising sun,

From that red dot surrounded by white,

That represents the flag of the Japanese culture,

But also serves as a marker on a map,

Telling me, “I am here.”

I am from the free flowing cherry blossom,

That glides so elegantly in the wind.

From the blood, sweat, and tears,

Working over a grueling hot stove, making that food that we all love.

I am from the smell of fresh cut grass and glistening dew,

Laying upon a baseball diamond, at the crack of dawn.

I am from that music that touches the soul,

Dancing, like there is nothing else that matters.

I am from a dark place…

One that consists of laying on rooftops,

Staring… gazing… and thinking… while the stars stare back in silence.

I am also from the light,

Which shines ever so brightly,

To the future that awaits me.

I AM a sophisticated; well educated brutha from the streets,

Yet, I’m not a “gang banga.”

Instead, I am the descendant from a long line of honorable warriors; The Samurai.

Fighting for what’s right, with courage and strength,

Knowing that there is something more important than fear itself.

I come from multiple places of love,

But in the end, it all mashes together into one collective unit.

I am from that warm, fuzzy feeling in your gut,

That love; called Family.

I am from these moments,

The past; the present; the future.

All bringing a sense of balance to the life I live.

So you ask, “where I’m from?”

Well, let me tell you….

I am from here.

This, this is me.

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