Street Lights

Passing the street lights

Along the never ending road,

Each bulb begins to blur

With streams like milk that soils the window.

The bass picks and bellows

At the strings in my chest,

It bumps and it swoons

The thumping keeps me awake

While in the same state

I find myself dreaming at night.

Whether this drive is moving me

In the right direction

Or it is showing me the doors

That I pass on by,

I let it coast

And hope the cruise

Find me ashore,

With my hands pale and numb

From gripping the life jacket

And being too stingy to use it

Because I fear now

May not ever be the time, if at all.

With the safety net in my grasp,

I back pack it away in my tool kit

Maybe as an emergency,

But mostly as a trophy,

I find that if I drown,

Then I drink, until I can’t drink


However I find my engines revving

And find my chest afloat

Over the lake that I drove over

I will calm the waves

And sit myself forward

For death is inevitable

Until death is imminent,

And until then,

I’ll find myself wading through.

For as long as I can control

My intake,

I will inhale only what fuels,

And exhale out

Only what can illuminate

Like street lights do,

When we look for rain.

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