Edgar Martinez: Hall of Famer (Reaction)


After 10 years of being on the ballot. It has finally happened.

Edgar Martinez, one of most beloved players to have played for the Seattle Mariners, is to be inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame this summer.

Edgar is a household name in the Pacific Northwest. One of the Mariners greats. This is to say, the Mariners haven’t given us a whole lot to cheer for in the past 17 years (brutal, I know). Us Mariners fans live on the amazing legacies that were left from the past. Players like, Ken Griffey Jr., Jay Buhner, Dan Wilson, and Alvin Davis are just a few that we typically remember.

But Edgar, he’s a special player.

He’s an 18 season veteran who is only one of six players in the history of Major League Baseball to have finished his career with a batting average over .300, an on-base percentage over .400, a slugging percentage of over .500, 2000 hits, 300 home runs, 500 doubles and 1000 walks.

He did all of that as a Seattle Mariner.

Sure, there is a lot more that we could talk about when it comes to Edgar, but I’ll try to keep it short.

When I woke up today knowing that there was a good chance that Edgar would be announced as part of the 2019 Hall of Fame inductees, I couldn’t sit still. I was anxious all day, waiting for the announcement. I may have been just as nervous and excited as Edgar was leading up to the phone call, but I tried to keep my cool while at my desk at work.

This was something that wasn’t only special for him, but for every M’s fan in the world. I set aside time during my day on my schedule that literally said, “do not disturb”, because it’s something that means that much. As it got closer to announcement time, I was even more anxious and was getting all emotional thinking, this is the year. As they started, there was a lot of talking leading up to the opening of the envelope. Internally I was screaming, “JUST GET TO THE ENVELOPE AND STOP TALKING!” Finally, it was time they opened the envelope. I had waited the entire day for this moment.

And then it happened…

Edgar’s name was announced.

The amount of jubilation that ran through my body was extremely high. I got chills (heck, I’m getting chills again just writing this piece). I sat at my desk and cried. Happy tears. Much like when Jr. got announced. Much like when the Seahawks finally won a Super Bowl. Through the years of heartache in these sports, it was a sense of relief and happiness. And guess what, it was overwhelming. So yeah, I let out all the happy tears. Did I care who walked by my office or desk? Hell no. That was the moment I’d been waiting for all day.

I still can’t believe that I can say that Edgar is a Hall of Famer. I get goosebumps every time I say it or type it (like right now). And it’s only fitting that I get those same goosebumps every time I hear Dave’s famous call of “The Double.” Which features Edgar, and it the most memorable moment in the Mariners’ history.

It took 10 years, but you know what? It was well worth the wait. I cannot wait to see him be inducted into the hall.

With that, I’ll see you in Cooperstown this summer, Edgar.


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