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The Light Part 1

I am lost

Wandering aimlessly through the dark

Searching deep within a chasm;

Not knowing if I’m in the physical world

Or in a place far more scary;

My mind and soul.

My heart is weak,

Yet... my soul is deep

With the words

I’m afraid to speak

That’s when you showed up.

It’s been a long time,

Since I have seen the light.

My life is dull,

Black and white.

When you arrived, it has been like a new world.

I have seen the light.

A light so bright

That everything around, all of sudden seems…


I found a new existence;

A new dimension of my life.

I have a reason to smile

To wake up every morning.

I found protection,

With love and affection.

I found passion,

A possessiveness for love.

When you say my name,

I can’t help but smile.

Floating, fluttering, flying in the sky

Like the butterflies you make me feel.

Time, just seems to slip by,

As if I’m living in the past,

Yet I’m in the present.

It feels like a dream.

Dancing in the softness of the moonlight.

Moving so gently, so elegantly,

Like that of a patronus,

Light and beautiful.

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