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I am selfish for myself.

Been having nightmares

When day dreams

Creep their way in

Side of my mind

Wanders and I start to lack sleep

A wave of insomnia

Blankets over me

The comfort causes shivers

In cold sweat

That I can’t control

A fever drenched

In kerosene

While the fuse is tied

Tight to my throat

Tugging out further and

Further until my head is out

The window

And with the sunrise

It sparks the fuse.

I wake up

Not knowing what time of day

Or if it was all my imagination

That I even slipped

In between my covers

Trying to avoid

What daylight day dreams

I’ll continue to ponder

Wondering what time

I have left

To do what I believe is right

As the seconds keep ticking,

Ticking, ticking, silence.

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