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If I Stand Still

If I stand still

Would the globe that we mark

Slow its rotation

Enough, that I can regain my breath?

Regain my steps, so that I can, again,

Rejoin my place in the race?

If I stand still

Will the sunset rest on the horizon

Long enough to greet

The rising moon? Swoon over her

Glow, and the sparkle around her

Becomes the tinder necessary

To spark this bond?

Or if I stand still

How can my dreams ignite

This reality? A fantasy becomes

A story that takes form

When it is breathed on.

I do not want to stand still

I want to stand for.

For the generations that constructed

Me, and for how it guided my hands

To everything I had built and

Will build.

I stand with every scar

That tried to hold me down.

I do not want to stand still

I want to stand for.

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