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The things we value the most (and how to find them) PART 1

Take the things we value the most. Divide it as many times as we can, until we can imagine it down to a few change in our pockets.

Though, the things we value cannot be monetized or objectified, it gives us a sense of tangibility. Maybe it is because we are afraid to let go of what makes us whole. Or maybe, it is all part of the conundrum of our false sense of hope, that keeps us imagining what we believe to keep us afloat.

Even when this globe continues to rotate, over the roar of waves to the swiftness of the whistle between each tree, we find common ground to find our footing just to have the courage to push forward.

Onward, we build a foundation for the faith that we uphold. For the only reason that it gives us sanity, where darkness around us can consume every inch of our body, forming a mold that can form over and over again over willing souls.

Willing as they may, we fight until we cannot trust anymore. When the weight we place on our heels, pull us with the direction of gravity, the more we beg the question of our brevity on life.

Time speeds and slows, winds and unwinds with each tick, yet, it is neglected. Time is the least understood, or the least controlled, even though it can form and reform, or adapt and mold to how we choose to make it effective.

The way it anchors over our lives, moves swift like the pull into deep horizons. Sink or swim, we can drink in oceans or discover that it is about adapting to our surroundings. Whether we find sand and swim to shore, or move mountains to find new ground, what we value is not judged by how others find them, but how it makes us whole.

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