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Our Definition of Leadership

My philosophy on leadership is to strive to become a leader that will at my very best, lead in a way that conforms to my core values and strength, but will motivate others to become leaders themselves. A mentor once told me that all they do is attempt to become a better leader, a better professional, and ultimately a better person each and every day. My mentor continues to inform me, if the position they are in currently has not elevated them into a newer one, and they have not elevated someone new to take their spot, they have not done their job correctly. There are many styles of leadership that can provoke responses from various people. Are the responses in turn a way to empower others or ourselves is a question of choice. Being in the good fight to become the person I am today, I have come to comprehend that my fight is ultimately my battle to win, and others have their own demons to conquer, as well. Maybe it is in the ability to see that within my small victories each and every step of the way, I have no right to judge other people’s battles or belittle them. We all have every right to reserve criticism however, but at the very core of the value of relationship, I believe in handling every interaction and every form of communication as a way to express encouragement. It is not about being compassionate for the sake of showing compassion, I have every desire to communicate my words of support for the mere fact that sometimes all anyone ever need to hear is that they will eventually, at their own pace of discovery, reach towards their potential hopes and success. It is understandable we all may have to be selfish to achieve our own success, I admit to that sentiment. The difference is that we have to understand that without encouragement or the gift of sharing our story to inspire others to move their own feet, we will not be at all as successful on our own than without the tools provided by leaders who are willing to teach and equip us with. I believe we all have the power to make something more of ourselves; it is always a matter of choice. Making the choice to move and establish our foundation always begin with the first step, figuratively and literally.


Leadership. It is one of those tough topics that everyone loves to talk about. But that's the beauty of it, there is not one definite answer or way leadership can be defined in. Leadership is both an art and a science, to master both you must find it in yourself to foster that type of leadership you have. My way of doing something may not be the right way for you. And absolutely not, is it right for me to force my opinions on another individual and say that is the way one should do it. My type of leadership involves the use of compassion and engagement. Being part of someone's life and caring for the well being of them. If the foundation is set, then the rest will fall into place. The most that I can do is provide the direction, my purpose and hopefully motivation for someone to find their purpose.

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