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Defining My Purpose

It is to realize that our strength, our foundation, is composed of many years of discovery, and many years of hardship that allows us to become reality with our visionary aspirations. I believe in the strength of our faith—through self-appraisal, family, mentorship, religion, or a holistic combination of it all—to guide us to pursue the burning kettle that have yet to relieve steam and perspiration. The dream never expires, it is just kept stagnant and tucked away within the dusty shelves from which the lack of confidence envelopes our every bit of integrity. There is always a belief in me that comprehends the idealism of perfection will always be unobtainable, but it is the persistence of chasing perfection that is at its core is the very essence of finding meaning to our innate ability to affect one’s self, and ultimately the lives of everyone we interact with.

By any means I am not the greatest person for a job, or even have the greatest mind as a leader. I focus on the variability that we will not always accomplish all that we need to, when we need to. The difference is to believe that we are all capable of accomplishing the task at hand. It is the difference between effort and lackadaisical output. The work ethic is what determines how we are perceived, and ultimately, how quickly we can develop. It is a two-headed monster approach. I fear at times that I am not capable enough, or I am not knowledgeable or skilled enough for the work at hand. We all make mistakes, and the difference again, is in being conscious of how we can improve on them. We live in a world that is full of trials, and to rise to the potential that we know we can achieve, we have to acknowledge that each opportunity presents itself to guide us a step forward each day. I understand I always have to own up to my mistakes, and I understand that with it, it should motivate me ever more to learn from them and move a step closer to accomplishing my goals.

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