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Patience comes along with respect. To truly have patience I see it as, letting the other person figure out what they want for themselves. It is a hard topic to grasp, a lot of people want to rush a decision and don’t want to process all the details that they are given. I haven’t realized the true power of patience, until recently. When you allow people to figure things out for themselves, you empower them, you give them the right foundation where they are able to make their own choice, they are able to have full confidence in their decision. Once you give them that, you give that person the power over their own lives. I also harp on the fact that as a leader, if you are not making yourself better along with the people around you better then you have failed them and yourself as a leader. Let people come to you for help, unless they are actually lost and they did something that personally hurt you but, it is then is when you address that to that person. Have patience and respect for the person’s feelings, once you’re dealing with other peoples emotions that is when it get very complicated and twisted. God and Time will figure things out, you just have to have faith and let yourself witness the beauty.

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