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Strength in Faith

There are defining moments that come across in your life. Those moments are to treasure for your own sake, because those moments are only for you. Those moments who the person you are, and you have to take those moments and build off of those. You don't learn the most when you're strong, but in times that you are feeling weak. It is when you continue to stand strong in faith and lean on the support of your loved ones and those who care about you. You will never fail, if you be genuine to yourself and faith.

The First Hike

A lot of things shape us into the person we are, whether that be the experiences that we have, the strengths, the weaknesses and the person who are all come together by what we surround ourselves with. But the weaknesses that we foster really do dictate what we do. Insecurities with ourselves, planted by our parents and what we see. These insecurities puts us in check, shoots our confidence and overall shape the way we even communicate with everyone. For me personally, they come when triggered, though I may have full confidence in myself and trust my abilities and skills I still go through the daily questions if my goals, passions and desires are what I actually want. A lot of the time I find myself comparing myself to other friends and families members and where they are in their journey. I compare my direction to the direction they’re heading and shoot myself down because I think that from an outside looking in, they have what I supposedly want. Until you find out and really look at yourself, ask what you really want, you’ll always have those doubts about yourself. But to the battles these insecurities, you have to accept them, understand them, and see what emotion they spark and why they do that to you. Insecurities never go away fully, but they can be dealt with more so that they’re not always and only thing you focus on. Clear your vision, foster a loving environment and be genuine to yourself & everyone you meet.

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