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Want to get your name out there? Need help promoting and showcasing your craft? Want to contribute your work to the site and join the Our Stories Your Legacy Team in building an awesome community?

Well, luck for you, there are a few ways to do so!


Option 1

Become a member of the site:

Hover over the "About" on the menu and select "Members"

Follow the on screen instructions to Sign Up.

*Signing up allows you to directly contribute on the site, comment on other posts, and the ability to like posts!

Option 2

Shoot us an email with the information below or fill out the form!

*This is a good option if you would like to remain anonymous while posting

**Please note that you will need to sign in using a Gmail account if you fill out the form.

Once submitted, please allow our team to review your application.  You should receive an email follow up within 72 hours of submission!

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