Young Love



I dream

She’s prepared

To lose



As confident and promiscuous 

As I want to be

Deep down it would kill me

That’s not who I am


I wake up gripping

My chest 

In pain from some imagined

“Never going to happen”


I admire that we dream still

I am thankful you let me

Be real

Even though 


We are still young, love

Even when we go 

About our days 

Believing in the definition


That defines what it means

To be loved and give love

It’s a never-ending 



Though we have something

Going for us 

And that is the feeling

That everyday I wake


I see you in a new light

Not in the way 

That the sun rise wakes you up

And it tries 


To make me jealous

As it caresses 

Your complexion 

With a warm soothing pass


Revealing your glow

And I would put my hand

With my thumb 

Just below your chin


And I would lean

Over slightly above

You to steal a kiss

Just so the sun rise


Would know

That I have no ownership 

But I am the one and only

That you chose 


To wake up beside with

Every morning 

And every night

When my eyes would be blind


And my hands 

Would read your body

Like braille 

And I can only lean back


Fascinated and in awe

Taking in your breaths 

And learning

How to put it in sync


With my own. 


I see you anew

Every time our eyes lock

And I fall again 

And over again,


Even many times later,

I cannot explain


Though maybe this is what it is


To be in love

And not like the movies, at all

You stand by me 

And I am afraid to look


When the knots in my back

Stiffened from the rocks

I carry that came crumbling



I slammed my back 

To the wall as I slid lower

Letting my blood stain

Gently seating me down


And I would close my eyes


Holding back any semblance

Of wetness 



Channeling and carving 


A scar down my face.


As the first drop

Began to form and fall

I felt your hand in mine

As you sat and merged 


Your body against mine

And made sure that it is okay

To let it fall

For you were right there 


To catch it.


I didn’t want to look up

I didn’t know how to explain it

You didn’t need a reason or cared what

It was,


For you 


You are so selfless for others,


And even when we share

Something in the metaphysical 

That cannot be explained

I am not even worth continuing your bloodline


You still make time


To carve out a space

For me to nestle in

Between your arms

And let me know that every thing in this life


Will always be okay. 

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