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Valentine's Day

We understand that Valentine's Day should be thought of as any other day when expressing our love and appreciation for another. Though, in the fight for us to improve ourselves better each day than the day before, special days like this remind us to take a breather and appreciate all the effort we have put in so far to be able to give back to our loved ones that have always supported us.



Love can be a complicated thing. Today it is often said too quickly or said without enough intention around it. To some, love is a word that is thrown around as soon as they can because they think that's how they feel. Don't get me wrong, someone can definitely fall in love quickly, but too often you see the word thrown around like it is another word. Love is something that you need to foster and build into something over time. My intentions are not to scold people who say it all willy nilly. The point is to say that love is something you need to build over time. Saying it and feeling it are two different things, and I think that is what is commonly misunderstood these days. Here are just a couple of excerpts that I can touch on.

To love someone means there is a commitment to that person. A respect for that person. If you don't feel proud of the person you love, or you think your partner is not proud of you, this is a relationship you may need to evaluate.

Don't let your partner walk over you or have you walk over your partner. You partner should give you 100% of their love, their respect, and give you the honor you deserve. You know how much you are worth. If your partner does not respect you or give you as much commitment as you deserve, you need to move on. As hard as it may be, this is one that people take for granted and let happen because they are afraid to let go. It doesn't matter how much it will hurt, but if you continue, it will hurt way more in the long run. Remember, the person you love doesn't necessarily mean that is the person you're meant to be with.

To build a strong relationship you must make that person your everything. You can't settle for anything less than that.



The Start of Something New

Love is such a complicated topic to talk about. There are many factors that go into finding true love, find the person who has the qualities that you want. People go around focusing on the materialistic values that they assume to hold above all that they want to see in a person. But that’s not love. Love doesn’t depend on the every single detail on that person, it isn’t a catalog that where you build your own partner. Trust and communication are the two things that help foster any relationship. Love is about taking those risks, making the mistakes, but also taking responsibility for those mistakes. We all have fear, insecurities and goals, but being able to bring those to the your partner and letting yourself grow with them. Grow together at your own pace, and letting the beauty of the process just flow. That is what love is, when things are just natural, more love and beauty fosters from that. Not running away from the mistakes and being able to share your experience.



The presence of your heart makes mine skip beats, but it feels like it's in rhythm with yours. It reminds me that I should never be afraid to take risks because if I don't, I'll be holding us back from the truth. You're my inspiration to take a leap of faith, my inspiration to do greater in life. You are the reason why my heart never shuts off and fights to stay in sync with yours.


The presence of your heart

makes mine skip beats,

but it feels like it's in rhythm

with yours.

It reminds me that I should take risks

because if I don't,

I'll be locking us away from the truth.

You're my leap of faith;

my momentum to walk

this two-way street.

You are the reason

my heart never shuts off

and fights to stay

in sync with yours.

This is my sekret to you.


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