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Three Cheers for Heartbreak EP by Zvon

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

Three Cheers for Heartbreak (also titled as </3 Cheers for Heartbreak) is an upcoming EP by Zvon Casanova and will be his first EP ever produced. According to Zvon, the EP is “a preview for future musical endeavors” as it encompasses a variety of influences, styles, and emotions he envisions to experiment with projects down the road.

The EP was originally scheduled for an early September 2018 release, however, was delayed due to Zvon’s computer suffering a system failure, destroying many of his projects. Only a few backed up recordings survived, however, Zvon ultimately decided to completely recompose some of the songs he had lost as well as write new ones. The EP was announced to be released March of 2019 but due to Zvon's other commitments, has been delayed.

Three Cheers for Heartbreak will contain three tracks where each one explores a different domain involving the essence of heartbreak.


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