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The Staggering Foot Forward

No matter the distance that I have to overcome, it is in that same journey that I have to appreciate how far along I have made myself that much of a better person. If not to make myself more marketable for whomever, that is irrelevant if I cannot make it possible to step into any situation and be proud to show everyone who I am. To be able to take what I have learned and using it to showcase my own unique talents is the key to finding out what makes my words and my own journey that much more remarkable. The difference is understanding that I do not have to own the same trophy and place it on the same shelf as another, it is about understanding that if I can place just one foot in front of the other and get closer to where I need to go on my own terms, that is possibly the one single greatest accomplishment that I can always look forward to.

Sometimes the worry is a burden that is just as great as the pressure that I have set onto myself to overcome, or to meet the needs of the goals I have set out to accomplish. For what it is worth, the want to see immediate success results in me possibly overthinking the hard work and allowing the doubts to overshadow the improvements. As with anything that I am trying to accomplish, I have to trust that the smaller victories will always lead to the larger gains. It is so much easier to allow the downward spin to drag us down with it, and have us wade in the pool of negativity and losses. The reason may be that sometimes our losses come in waves, or comes down on us like an avalanche–all at once. Yet, when we work to improve ourselves for the long run, success spikes in smaller movements. And I realize, the more we continue to create those little movements, it will eventually cause a wave just as powerful as the ones that attempt to drown us.

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