The Power of Setting Goals and How I Achieved More

Updated: Jul 22

Setting goals helped me become a better reader and writer. 

I’ve been a firm believer of reading and writing. It is the single greatest form of communication. If not the greatest—for it transcends generations. Easily, it gives us all the opportunity to leave our words down as a legacy for ourselves. A call for someone to pick up and read, and hopefully respond to through their own actions. 

So, I want to discuss the power of setting goals and how it helps me to achieve success. 

I start with a question we all can relate to:

How many of us want to finally start reading that one book or the books we have set aside for “one day.” 

Or why do we just talk about wanting to be able to read consistently at our leisure when we can just literally do it? 

The answer that worked for me was to set goals and get it done daily. And what I found is that I achieved what I wanted to and more. 

The power of setting goals

It doesn’t matter the genre of books, or if it’s a 20 page pamphlet, a 200 page novel, or an 800 page history epic. 

The goal is to just read and build a habit for success. 

In October of 2017, I told myself that I’m going to be better. I’ve made up my mind that if I want to read and sharpen my brainpower, it’s going to happen now. 

So, I set a goal of 20 pages a day. No matter what, 20 pages or I failed that day. Even if my eyes are dozing off, or I am finding myself losing focus because the subject is difficult—20 pages has to be done. If anything (and I have no science to back this up), I trust in a higher power that our brain deserves more credit. I believe as we are reading through the 20 pages, our mind is comprehending it consciously and sub-consciously. Meaning that regardless of how we are feeling at the time we are reading it, our brain is comprehending it at some degree. 

And you know what?

From October 2017 to the end of December 2017, I’ve finished 10 books total. A combination of non-fiction and fiction books with each a minimum of 150 pages. 

Now, I’m more than half way through the year 2018. 

And I’ve just closed the cover of my 20th book read. 

Sure, I’m not like the rich philanthropists out there claiming that they can read 500 books a year. 

That’s not why I’m writing this. I’m writing this to let everyone know that we can get things done. While at our own pace, we can be better and better. 

Why setting goals is helping me achieve more. 

Writer’s block is every writer’s greatest enemy and friend. And one thing I fear as we age is that I lose the motivation to keep learning—and most importantly, keep my brain exercising so I don’t feel dull when it comes to my mental. 

Reading daily, even minimally, helped me comprehend the world around me. My interactions, my comprehension, my wit, is quicker and sharper because of it. My writing is more effective, and efficient even, because I’m able to to quickly recall words and inspiration to jot down. 

In the end,

I’m finding ways to make myself more successful. I’m learning everyday. And even more, with each page turned and with each word that is fueling my mind, I’m finding greater inspiration to be greater than I was the day before. 

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