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The Art of Our Being Through Conversing

Updated: Jun 14, 2018

I believe wholly that conversation is an art form. Not many of us have mastered it, but it definitely became something of value that we all can practice to become better at. As much as I am someone who appreciates the serenity of being by myself, to think about and to process the happenings around me, it is such a fulfilling feeling when you can sit down with like-minded individuals who can make you reflect and dream a little bit larger. To every effect, a conversation can make us feel whole, enlightened, feel a hundred times inspired to take a new step forward; and just as abundant as there are many great conversations to be had, there are just as many that are a stone to the foundation for meetings down the road. These may be ice breakers, but again, it is how

we set the tone with one another dictates how one would perceive an eventual relationship with each other. I believe that when you find your voice, your passion, and ultimately the faith that you carry for yourself, and yourself only, every conversation can be had and consistently reveal the great person you are to everyone you meet -- this is the process of slowly making your positive mark on the world and everyone in it. I try not to shelter too much behind my self-doubts and attempt to put on a front that will hide my insecurities and please others. It is more energy spent trying to be someone you are not ever comfortable being, than just revealing who you are each time consistently to every single individual you meet.


You hear it all the time. “Communication is key.” It really is. Any way you look at it, communication is an important piece of any friendship/relationship. How you communicate is another big component. In today’s society, we are very tech driven. We rely on technology to do all the work, which includes how we communicate to other people. We live in a society where we’ve lost the intimacy of talking to one another, face to face. Hell, even picking up the phone and calling them. You’re still using technology, but at least you can hear their voice. You can hear and tell how that person is feeling just based on their voice. You can’t do that through a text, or something written on wall or timeline. Speaking to a person and hearing their voice is crucial in building any relationship with someone. You get a true sense of who they are. Behind a keyboard, you can be anyone you want. This is why we see things like “Catfish.” Behind words can be lies and misinterpretation. Am I saying that you can’t lie in person? No. People lie all the time to either hide something they’re embarrassed about or just try to act cool. But in doing that, you’re still having that real time interaction with someone. I get it. We often go to instant messaging or the internet because it’s convenient. It’s a convenience to YOU; to THEM. If you’re guilty of this, challenge yourself to meet up. Meet up and grab coffee, lunch, to shop, etc. Whatever it is, go out of your way and what’s convenient to you and live life to the fullest. Discover who you are and what it means to have a conversation with someone. You can really get to know someone by the words they speak and the way their body language comes off during those conversations. Go out. Go out and meet someone. Meet someone and have a conversation with them. Trust me, at the end of the day, you’ll be thankful that you spent the time with that person, rather than texting them all day and not having that interaction with them.

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