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Real Talk with OSYL: Rona Series Episode 35

Welcome to a new episode of Real Talk from OSYL. In this episode, we jump right in to discussing the generational differences between how we view our professional and home lives compared to how our parent's generation appeared to have viewed it. Overall, this is part 2 of the previous episode and it turned out to be a very fun conversation that ended with one of our more satisfying conclusion.

Though this can be a breezy short read, there are a couple ways to listen to the podcast. For the audio portion of the podcast, you can listen below or download directly here:

The podcast will also be on other platforms like Spotify, Apple, Amazon, iHeart Radio, Google Podcasts and InTune Radio! Just search for OSYL!

In this episode, Tyler and Steven partner up to answer the follow up discussion points from last week's episode. As a reminder, last week's topic was about how to deal with the realities of our generation while in conflict with the expectations that are parents expected of us. This week's question is as follows:

When it comes to our professional lives and our living situations, what do you see are the generational differences?

Throughout our episode, we noted the differences between the generations per our own experiences and our own opinions. It appears that our parent's generation tend to rely on more stability and less risk when it comes to their professional lives. Compared to our own generation (the age of information and technology), it appears that we tend to be more flexible in regards to our professional lives. However, we reflected that being in the age of information and technology, can be a negative, too. Maybe we are more flexible, or more likely to move around to various jobs, because we are bombarded with so much information that we can't seem to make up our mind. Whereas our parents tend to know what they want and stuck with it.

In the end, we think both generations just want to work hard and succeed. When our parents push us with their expectations, that is how they envision us working hard and finding our own success and finding who we are in the process. It is discussed that with our generation, the same work ethic can look different than our parents; no longer do we have to go to school to make millions because we have various options on how to still be successful without always doing it the traditional way. Our parents are just not used to it so that is why they push expectations on us. But in the end, when we learn and succeed, we can probably learn how to connect and close the gap in our generational differences.

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