Real Talk with OSYL: Rona Podcast Episode 3

Welcome to episode 3 from our “RONA” series of the Real Talk podcast from Our Stories Your Legacy.

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Since our recording of episode 1, and at the time of this writing, collectively we have experienced close to 2 full months of being in lock-down because of COVID-19 or the Coronavirus. This has taken a toll in one form or another on our daily routines, our relationships, and our overall mindsets. In this episode, we explore:

1) how is our daily life adjusting to life during quarantine,

2) how is our relationships affected, and

3) what lessons have we learned so far that will influence us for better or worse, post-quarantine?

First, being quarantined because of the Coronavirus forces us all to adapt in one shape or another.

Whether we our considered essential workers or not, our world is not quite the same from pre-quarantine. So, how are we adjusting to it?

Ray is adjusting just fine. Working as an app developer, he misses time from his colleagues and being in the office, but his work translates well remotely. If anything, he notices that life appears to be more mundane. His routine hasn’t changed very much minus his commute to work.

Andrew is an essential worker. He finds that his daily routine is more hectic, more high strung and high tempo than before.

And for Steven, though his work translates smoothly from office work to work-from-home status, he finds that because of quarantine, his sense of the broader world outside his home is diminishing.

Overall, we find that our daily routines are being disrupted more than in just the physical sense, but also in ways that forces us to adjust our way of thinking and feeling to the world around us.

Second, being quarantined impacts our relationships in ways we may have taken for granted.

We may miss hanging out with our friends and family, we may be discovering the opportunity to re-connect, or we may be yearning for the freedom to be out and about in the community. In the many ways we view our role in the world, how can we maintain or adjust to how we interact with our relationships during quarantine?

Quarantine at home is not so different for Zvon, who already enjoys the comfort of being home. However, being cooped up at home to his own devices is not a large worry for him, it is missing the freedom to venture out to his community to take time for himself while being out around others. This doesn’t necessarily mean interacting with others, but more so, interacting with the amenities that his community offers. This could simply mean a change of scenery to read or write at his local coffee shop, for instance.

For Tyler, this is an opportunity to continue to connect and re-connect with friends and family. We may not be able to currently spend time in person with someone, but this is the benefit of utilizing technology to the fullest to reach out and converse with them.

For Ray, pre-Coronavirus had him busy with his own life. Quarantine have taught him to reflect and get out of his own way to reconnect and appreciate the relationships he has with friends and family.

And Andrew? He is learning more to not take himself or his closest ones for granted. For himself, he is taking on new hobbies, and reading a lot more. Ways to mentally and physically improve his personal health.

Overall, how we view relationships during quarantine may differ for better or worse. It is how we be more mindful is how we become better at adapting to these changes.

Third, and lastly, when we take time to reflect, there will always be a lesson or lessons that we will take with us onward in our lives post-quarantine—when that day finally arrives, we can only hope.

With every passing day, how are we viewing or imagining life for ourselves after quarantine?

These days serve as a reminder that we are all just humans. Our sense of comfort can easily be flipped like a light switch. Take what you can from these daily moments and imagine yourself a better future. Like the old saying goes, we are the change we want to be in the world.


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