Real Talk with OSYL: Rona Podcast Episode 16

Welcome to a new episode of Real Talk from OSYL. In this episode, we answer 3 questions regarding our speculation on how the youth may be experiencing remote learning and quarantine during this coronavirus pandemic. We are hoping this speculation leads us to more episodes where we can discuss this situation with people who work with students and/or students themselves. This episode features a newcomer to the episode, but a long time friend with a kid of his own.

Though this can be a breezy short read, there are a couple ways to listen to the podcast. For the audio portion of the podcast, you can listen below or download directly here:

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From a speculative perspective, we talk about what the youth may be going through while stuck at home or learning remotely during this pandemic. We are all now adults in our careers and with all some form of secondary level education. So, thinking back to when we were kids, it seems that we all agree that remote learning from home may be fairly detrimental to our growth as youth. In what remote learning curriculum can we teach students, especially younger ones, the non-verbal communication skills? In interacting in social settings, we learn to naturally develop social cues. Are the youth these days missing out on these skills?

In this episode, we join our special guest, Justin, and we then take turns answering 3 questions about how our youth may be dealing with this pandemic. This episode features the usual's, alongside our special guest: Steven, Tyler, and Zvon, and Andrew. Each of them ran with the questions and provided a quick and thoughtful response to them. These 3 questions are:

  1. How do you think the Coronavirus pandemic is affecting the youth?

  2. Think back to the challenges you had growing up, how is this pandemic for today’s youth worst, or the same?

  3. How do you envision the future to look like with this generation leading?

We hear from Justin, and how growing up, he credited a lot of his social interaction through grade school for his ability to open up and have conversations. Being shy in general, it appears putting ourselves through social settings allows us to learn what works and understand how we can be able to effectively communicate.

Throughout the episode, it is not all negative. We speculate that there has to be positives as well. History repeats itself; as all great things that come in every generation, it feels like it is revealed from the pain that each generation carries. Plus, in the age of technology, it appears the youth should fairly be comfortable. In the end, we wonder what the future holds for our youth. It is yet to be seen how far this pandemic will go on, and how it can teach us new ways to deal with human emotions.


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