Real Talk with OSYL: Rona Podcast Episode 15

Welcome to a new episode of Real Talk from OSYL. In another lighthearted episode, we do a fire round of answering 9 random questions at about 1 minute per question. This episode also features the return of one of our team members. We get a chance to catch up with Andrew, and before diving in to the fire round of questions, we check in with how he has been doing during these COVID-19 times and how he feels about the future.

Though this can be a breezy short read, there are a couple ways to listen to the podcast. For the audio portion of the podcast, you can listen below or download directly here:

The podcast will also be on other platforms like Spotify, Apple, Amazon, iHeart Radio, Google Podcasts and InTune Radio! Just search for OSYL!

Life in the military during Covid-19 is consistently uncertain, but fresh. We hear about Andrew’s life as he recaps his 6 months so far during the pandemic, and how he continues to look forward to the future. On another topic, and during the fire round of questions, we hear about how there should be a game combining the best of the board game Life and the best of Monopoly. As quoted, you will then have a game that makes Monopoly less monotonous, and Life more complex.

In this episode, we catch up with Andrew, and we then take turn to answer 9 random questions in a fire round that gives us all about a minute only to answer. This episode features the usual's: Steven, Tyler, and Zvon, and the return of teammate Andrew. Each of them ran with the questions and provided a quick and thoughtful response to them. These 9 questions are:

  1. Do you eat too quickly?

When in your life have you been a leader?

  3. Do you make new year's resolutions

What leader would you invite to speak at your school?

How do you celebrate spring?

What are your top 3 things you would put in your emergency go bag?

How do you use Facebook?

How do you archive your life?

  9. What game would you like to redesign?

Throughout the episode, it was refreshing for the band of brothers to be back together laughing and joking, and sharing different perspectives on each question.

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