Real Talk with OSYL: Financial Literacy Series Episode 1

Today, we start a new series on financial literacy and come in with a new episode of Real Talk with OSYL.

Though this can be a breezy short read, there are a couple ways to listen to the podcast. For the audio portion of the podcast, you can listen below or download directly here:

The podcast will also be on other platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, iHeart Radio, Google Podcasts and InTune Radio! Just search for OSYL!

In this episode we discuss the basics of financial literacy and the impact it has in our lives and our growth. For most of us, financial literacy is something you learn to help improve all aspects of your life, or it is something that you don’t learn and let it be a burden at times. Unfortunately in the world we live in, money doesn’t always equate to happiness, but it does play a very vital role in our lives. With our special guests joining us to discuss this important topic, we answer 3 questions on the basics of financial literacy. They are:

  1. What are your thoughts on learning financial literacy?

  2. How do you think this would benefit us if we were taught this in grade school or at an early age?

  3. What do you recommend is one thing we do to teach ourselves?

Through out the episode, we discuss how teaching even the basics of financial literacy can start a tidal wave of benefits that can increase value to our lives. The way we look to increase our health, or our mental, via exercising or meditating, for example, we can decrease a major stress in our life but taking control of our financial situations. For most of us on this episode, we learned the benefits later on in life when we began to realize how much of our lives revolve around finances, and as equally important, how little we know about it. This is more than just learning that 4 quarters makes a dollar. Financial literacy is the power of understanding how money revolves around our lives and learning how to control it where we can make it benefit us. In the end, just like other aspects of our lives, when we break down barriers that makes conversation of finances taboo, we begin to see how we all can support one another in growing wealthy.


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