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Re-start Believing, Again (Part 1)

The toughest thing to do is finding the courage to believe in myself. At no one's fault, it may just be a defense mechanism or the result of raising the bar just a little too high.

As difficult as the weight may seem, however, it is not as heavy as the burden of allowing the dark to completely envelope me. At times the negativity may give just enough anchor to disallow me to pull away from. Other times it is realizing that no matter how long I wade in deep waters, I must start the motion of swimming back to shore.

The fight overcoming waves become greater as more time passes for it to stir back and forth, developing momentum against me. Yet, it is not ever too late to begin the stroke through the muddy waters. As with any movement, each paddle with my palms will ignite a hurricane of effort, carrying me closer to the surf. I understand like high tides my destination may continuously row out of reach. Yet, as the full moon returns, my opportunities will be plentiful like the oysters they reveal.

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