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They only want to sit with me

Whether in silence

Or in an embrace

But not in the physical

More so in a comfort

The way we sit

In front of a fire

At our place

During the middle of a cold

Where the roads

Are warm enough for us

To venture forward

Towards a new year

But in this moment


We would rather rest

Though not in a slumber

To recover our wounded bodies

After labor,

Since the rejuvenation is in the power

To overcome what it means to be alone,

In a world where it is highlighted.

For our universe truly rotates

When we share a sip

Of hot and sweet spirits

To brighten and uplift

Warmth warmer than burning wood

Against brick layers that holds on

Even when our lingering bodies

As we stand to call it a night

Well done,

Shatters the silence

When we come to grips

With the unbreakable

And the cherished

Bonds we created and nurtured


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