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An Open Letter to Co-Workers

This is an open letter to all those co-workers out there.

When you start work, you never know what you’re going to get when it comes to a co-worker.

We’ve all had co-workers at one point in our lives. There could be a huge age gap between you all. You may not have any interests at all. However, every now and then, you do find a person or a group of people that have a lot in common with you. And… in every group, there is most likely going to be one person who sticks out more than the others. Someone who you truly mesh with. Could be the same age or you might just have a lot in common; same age, same goals, whatever that may be.

Those people are the rare ones to find.

You should appreciate them.

When you break it down and think about it, on average, people work 5 days a week for 8 hours a day. Now if you think about that, you’re not always there by yourself. You could be there with a co-worker; you could share an office. You’re essentially seeing this person 40 hours a week; 5 days, 8 hours a day. That’s often more time than people see and spend time with their families, spouse, or significant other. Sometimes even their dog… I mean, dogs need a lot of attention, so don’t go neglecting them too much… but… you get my point.

You spend more time with your co-workers than your actual family. (Although, if you go and read my family piece, you will get my take on family is more than blood and that you can choose your family.) That’s just crazy to think about, but it’s the reality of things. So, it is natural that you start to build a relationship and friendship with that person. You build an attraction to that person and I’m not saying a lovey-dovey attraction, but more of a certain level of respect and love for the person your work with. You go through the same trials at work and just… get each other. Again, that’s not always easy to find when you work in a big office. Finding those that you relate to is hard, and when you do find them, cherish that.

With that said, I just want to say thank you to all the co-workers out there. This is an open letter, so feel free to share this with anyone you like. It could be that person that you feel like you get along with quite well. Do it. That is what this is meant for. Let them know that you appreciate them. If they’re moving onto a new position, wish them the best of luck. We get it, we’re not always going to be working with the same person forever, that’s just part of life (although there are some people who do get this rare privilege).

Again, anyone who is moving on or has a great coworker and you want to share this letter with them, do it. Show them you appreciate them for everything they do for the workplace and for you.

With that, I raise my imaginary glass to you and wish you the best of luck with whatever journey you’re on.

Have a wonderful day!

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