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The Forward Row

To trust is hard, especially when it is in your self.

Believing is even harder, when all the right pieces just seem to wouldn’t gel.

With so much passion to be great, and giving up is the easiest thing to do, every sense of pain, is much more bearable than failure.

Yet, we continue to try, and try again, to move forward.

Carrying a chip on our shoulders, maybe not for the reason that we can be greater than others, but for the fact that we can be great like others.

Some of us have less luck to spend, and others, were well fed from a greater hand. Yet, no matter whose turn it is to run, we all need one another to hold up, to inspire, and to anchor to when the storm becomes too chaotic.

Each one voice moves and connects. Our stories, with every one being shared, reveals a new legacy unfolding.

So what if our goal isn’t to be great; it isn’t about greatness, but a moment to be heard, again and again.

Daily, change is inevitable. Our stories, however, continues to play and replay. Whether as a reminder of our progress, or as a tattooed scar marking the end of one chapter and the start of a new.

Where we truly live, is in the stories we share. New experiences, to relatable consequences, our voices become frames in one point in time that truly means something. And if we need it, there is another voice needing to connect with it, too.

Laying each word down like a brick in the road is not our means to an end. Whether we create a bridge with another on the other side of the globe, our dreams of travel isn’t realized until we take that first step.

Or we speak those first words.

Or we write that first letter,

that becomes a body like a piece of the puzzle joining hands and connecting

with other stories building something whole.

We all have a dream we can act on,

but I am as terrified as any one else is when it comes to taking the leap, and being heard.

Yet, starting right now, can’t hurt as much as tomorrow could.

My story can be refined with age, but i know a book isn’t ever complete after the first chapter.

I may not reach a thousand, but I believe the more I share, and the more we share together, our stories can become a part of the something bigger.

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