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Two Faces of a Flame

If I can just pray for one thing,

I am looking for the abundance of wealth, and all that it brings.

I am fortunate that I was able to taste,

cunnilingus on mother earth with the sweet juices of success,

copy and paste that one-thousand times

until the blue print becomes a mess.

Quickly as it progressed,

my ember crusted and formed coals,

packs of them forming knots in my soles

to the shoulders allowing gravity

the easiest job it has ever tolled.

This promise that I have told,

any ears pierced fall deaf

like elephants caged in a zoo.

This truth is I hope to escape,

dragging my knees through the pavement,

contradicting every advice I had ever gave.

All of that that glitters is fool’s gold.

The abundance of wealth I yearned for in the beginning

ages my wrinkles on my forehead faster than

the muscle tissues father time has stole.

Even with a sliver of the riches,

humility I would gloat,

until the check to the throat

offered me a reason to sink or swim in this boat.

In my beautiful soul, I shed tears

that maybe this is truly how far the road goes.

Or maybe, just maybe,

when the fire collapses one bridge,

The path to my goals

is illuminated to where the flame follows.

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