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An Open Letter to Mom

Today is a special day. Today we celebrate our “Mother’s” on Mother's Day. Why the quotation, you ask? Well, as much as we would like to say just Mother/Mom/Mommy/Mum, whatever you call your mother, we also recognize those that celebrate Mother’s Day for other reasons. To those that pay respect to their Mother’s and to those that pay respect to the people in their life that they consider their mom. Whether that be an older sister, an Aunt, a single father, whomever. It is important to recognize the women in your life, if not your mother, that have helped you get to where you are today.

We cannot forget about the single moms out there. You have done something more amazing than anyone can imagine, raising 1, 2, and even multiple children, on your own. You don't get the luxury of a break. You've sacrificed everything to give your children a life and great opportunity. Although they may not realize just how much you do for them until later, just know that you are appreciated. You have the ability to show your children how STRONG you really are. An independent woman who will do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING for your children. This day is especially about you.

In our society, we have definitely commercialized the holiday a bit. You see the candy, flowers, huge gifts, over the top meals at restaurants, etc. While there is nothing wrong with any of this, it is easy to get lost in all the hype of just the ONE Day. We just hope that you do one thing; spend time with the person you call Mom. Whether that be in person, over the phone, or thanks to today’s technology, video calling. Show her the appreciation she deserves. Although there is a day to celebrate her, make sure that you show her how much you care, everyday. Never take you mother for granted, as life is short. Whomever it is, they work damn hard to provide you with the opportunities in life to succeed. Go ahead an shower her in love today with all the gifts and galore, but make it a point to show her appreciation every day.

Happy Mother's Day,

Our Stories, Your Legacy

Open Letters from the Authors:

Steven Souriyadeth:

As another Mother's Day come along, this year brings a much greater reason to celebrate the one woman who raised me and supported my growth. As my success begins to come in to fruition, I finally recognize wholly, that through all the stresses and all of the hard work put in to get to where I am today, my mother never faltered. Through the disagreements that we have more often than not, in the end of it all, she makes sure that I continue to believe in myself, as much as she believes in me.

I will not go into the entire details, however, I wanted to be able to lay down my thoughts and give a never ending appreciation to the woman who brought me life, and continued to support me through it. As much as there may be things and perspectives that she will never understand, one thing that will always remain true, is that her unwavering love and support will continue to guide me to being the best I can be. If I can continue to find success and develop myself and live a life as fulfilling as I can, then I hope that in her eyes that this is the greatest gift I can do to give back to my mother. Many thank you's and gifts will never suffice, and because of that I make the promise that if I can make you shed tears, it will only be from that of joy.

Tyler Pederson:

Each and every year brings this date all around the world. Although Mother's Day may be celebrated at different times for different countries, it is a day that we can all agree upon; it is all about Mom. Every year, I gain more and more appreciation to the woman who has always been there for me, even in the most random moments. The woman who has stood by my side and decisions, even if she didn't always agree with them, and trust me, there were A LOT of bad decisions along the way. Mom always let me figure it out the hard way. Although she couldn't keep up with me and worked odd hours to where I didn't always get to see her, her undying support was always there. That is the biggest piece. She believes in me. She has been one of the biggest supporters my whole life and despite all the dumb things I did growing up, she made sure to make me feel like I was doing the right thing and if I failed, she was there to say, "well, now you know." She knew I would fail at times, but to let me do it is another thing. It taught me how to fail and how learn from those failures. Huge life lesson that sticks with me to this day. Both my parents did this, but I'll save that for another time.

There are some things that my mom still doesn't know about me, and honestly, it is still better she doesn't know. I'd rather keep that one secret. Mostly because it was in my family's best interest at the time, and even though it is in the past now, it is something that is better left unsaid. And you know what? She probably already knows and just hasn't said anything to me. Why? Because mom's have that uncanny ability to know EVERYTHING. I just know that at the end of the day, we're all still here and I appreciate her for being the support I've always needed. Even now, when I'm being pulled in a million different directions, it is her love and support that helps get me through it. She doesn't have to say anything. It's just one of those looks at times. In the end, I know that whatever I do will make her proud. Even when I shower her with gifts, love, and everything in between, she always says, "you are my greatest gift." Love you, Mom.

Zvon Casanova:

Dear Mom,

You have been my greatest source of inspiration to help me be the greatest version of myself. Without your guidance, support, sacrifice, and love, I wouldn't be where I am today. I know that as we have grown over the years, we have developed different beliefs and opinions regarding where I should go and what I should do in my life and we have argued about it frequently. I understand that you care for my happiness and I am very grateful for it. We have also struggled without the support and guidance of a father for all of these years, but you proved that a single mother can do it all. Just know that wherever I go and whatever I do in the future is all because of you and I couldn't be happier for where my life is heading right now. Regardless of all the adversity and obstacles we encounter, we will overcome them and become stronger. I only believe this because you are walking proof that it's all possible. You're probably wondering why I mentioned the struggles we have faced. From time to time, I like to remind myself of where we came from and what we went through that put us where we are today, but our journey continues. For whatever comes next and whatever obstacles may come our way, I know you'll always be here for support. I am truly blessed to have a great mother like you in my life. Thank you for everything and Happy Mother's Day Mom!



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