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The Enemy is My Inner Me

I believe that my biggest fear in life is that one day my self-criticism, paired with my self-doubting, will be the side that finally gets the best of me. It is so incredible how we are our own biggest critic; the burning desire in me believes that I can and I will achieve successes that will make me proud, but there will always be a part of me that questions if I am even putting in enough effort, or if I am even making the right decision. I falter from my own doubts about myself than anything anyone can ever say to me. It is the beauty of the gift and the curse of walking on the path of finding your sense of purpose. Your belief and the values you have established can set you apart from the crowd, but it can also leave you fighting with your own merits. It is a phenomenon I struggle with the most when it hits me at the most unexpected times. You are riding on a high from stepping foot in the right direction, and all of a sudden without warning, it strikes like a sharp side ache, that questions your ability to move further or risk complacency. I found that sticking it out brings desirable outcomes. I dislike the feeling of doubt, and I am sure we have all faced it at various points in our lives, but it is truly sticking through with everything that we have worked up towards that will continue to guide us through this moment. In any situation, it is always in our attitude that gives us the best chance to defeat any negativity. Moments where you take a step back because of self-doubt, I have found it best to perceive the situation as a moment to reflect on your progress, and then to plan how to proceed forward, again.

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