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Family is More Than Blood

Family. Any group of persons closely related by blood, as parents, children, uncles, aunts, and cousins. This is the textbook definition of family. While this is true, everyone comes from a different walk of life. This may not always be the definition that everyone uses, but is the most common amongst the general population. On the other hand, you have single parent households or even orphaned children. Many people may say, “you can’t choose family.” This is where I challenge anyone who abides by this term. I challenge you to flip this and say, “you can’t choose your relatives.” Relatives are blood, but that doesn’t always they are there for you or even support you. These people may be related to you, but you don’t have to consider them “Family.” Family is something that you can choose. “Wait, you can choose family?” You’re damn right you can. Family is a word that has evolved from the standard definition to being something that you can apply to a group of people. Family are the ones that you consider your closest friends and those may not be relatives. Family are the people that no matter the distance, nor how often you get together or talk to one another, have a significant presence and supportive attitude towards you. You take care of that family. You lookout for them. You expect nothing in return, except knowing they have your back when all hell breaks loose. If I consider you family and we’ve built this relationship, you can count on me having your back, no matter the situation. We take care of each other. Family; takes care of each other.

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