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Welcome to Our Stories, Your Legacy, a media platform that presents the voices of not only us, but YOU. Founded by an ambitious, young group of friends, Our Stories, Your Legacy aims to provide unique insight into the daily issues and conversations. We plan to publish first-person stories, poems, word vomits, videos, and whatever comes to mind directly from the source; us.

Like most of us, this journey of life has had its share of ups and downs; twists and turns. You name it. We, just like many of you, have had a few detours. Sometimes there is no avoiding them. The truth is none of us thought we would be here at this point in our lives or what we are doing right now. Through the twists and turns of our own experiences, we are able to reflect on these moments and use them as lessons for our future selves. We hope that by sharing our stories, we get the chance to inspire one another, and you the reader, to reach our fullest potential, and climb to the heights we all believe we can get to. It all comes down to finding purpose in our lives no matter how our stories began. As we sit here sharing our stories, adventures and tales, we are convinced that all of this is part of a bigger plan. A plan that we all hope that we are able to benefit from, together. Finding our potential and a way to express it.

We strive to be just like you; Limitless.

We are proud and excited to launch this new site and meet all of you! Stay tuned!

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