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Want to get your name out there? Need help promoting and showcasing your craft? Want to contribute your work to the site and join the Our Stories Your Legacy Team in building an awesome community?  

Shoot us an email with the information below!


Once submitted, please allow our team to review your application.  You should receive an email follow up within 72 hours of submission!


Please fill out the below form or submit an email to with the same information listed on the form.


Once submitted, the Our Stories Your Legacy team will review your work to make sure it stays within our guidelines of positivity.


Please note: if your article is selected for publication your contributions may be edited for space and content.  If we think edits are needed, we will reach back out with our feedback to see what you think!

Things that can be submitted:  Articles, poetry, pictures, & art (in various forms)

Editorial and Style Guidelines 
We're not too picky, but please try to adhere to the following guidelines when submitting your work:

1. Submit only original work. Exceptions may be made if you consult the editors before submitting pre-published materials, however this will be determined on a case-by-base basis.  Remember, we want to help showcase YOUR talents!

2. Photos can be any size.  If deemed inappropriate, we will not post the image.

3. Please include a short bio and a title/description of your work (for art, pics, etc.).

Please do note:

Although we are an inclusive group, the editorial committee does have the right to publish or decline any submitted material at its discretion.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask!



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